Giving Back

Giving Back

America... Booch...

America... Booch Yeah!

Happy 4th of July! We hope you have awesome plans for the weekend. We are excited for the festivities and in the spirit of Independence Day, we decided to share some of our essential party items. 1. Drinks​ We’ll be drinking booch cocktails, of course! Head over to our Pinterest board​ to browse more than 20 cocktail and mocktail recipes. Also, check out this epic tricolor smoothie we made using Black Currant, Strawberry Hibiscus, and Tangerine booch! 2. Dessert​ You can find some delicious desserts here​ and some healthier options here.​ We can’t wait to try out the Red, White, And Blue Ice Cream Pie! Yum. 3. Games​ No party is complete without some play! We came across this free printable July 4th bingo game.​ Also, this giant jenga​ looks like a blast. If you have a backyard this giant twister​ is a must! 4. Festivities & Fireworks​ Thanks to the SF Examiner for their list of 4th festivities.​ If you are feeling a little more adventurous at night, check out 7X7’s guide​ to fireworks in San Francisco. 5. Music​ Get jiggy! Listen to some of our faves.

Have fun!

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