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Giving Back


Jennifer chen + clearly kombucha yoga workshop

You know... Great paths come together and we had the honor to join amazing yoga instructor Jennifer Chen​ in a unique and soothing workshop on May 17th.

First, Jenny wants to share us some tips on how to yoga and booch. You can take a sip of delicious Clearly Kombucha before and after a yoga session... or use the bottle for perfect balance. Here's how:

(Jenny showing us how to yoga and booch!)

And now... a quick but powerful review of the workshop:

On Saturday, May 18th, JennyBean_Love (​ led an Open Heart Meditation to Self Compassion at YogaFunk Studio in Glendora, CA. In this 60-minute guided meditation, she focused on the ability to offer unconditional love and self acceptance.

Upon entering the studio, students were invited into the studio lobby with the aroma of Plant Therapy’s​ Loving Compassion essential oil diffusing through the air. Comforting and calming, this synergy helped to open and uplift the heart center as they registered and made their way into the studio space.

As the students embarked on their meditative journey, they each applied drops of Vedic Botanicals​ Meditative Bliss on their 4th (Heart) Chakra to prepare their mind and bodies to relax and ease into a meditative state. At each stage of meditation, students were guided into a deeper state of relaxation through conscious breathing and visualization to cultivate mindfulness. With a conscious mind and relaxed state, she guided students back into their body to meditate on the heart.

The healing meditation was followed by giveaways, gift bags and refreshments from local businesses and startups including our very own Clearly Kombucha. Featuring our most popular flavors: Strawberry Hibiscus, Raspberry Lemonade, Asian Pear, and Black Currant!

JennyBean_Love‘s guided meditation helped her students ease wounds of the heart and open and uplift the heart center — inviting positive energy and unconditional love for self with compassion and acceptance.

Visit all Jenny profiles here:

Facebook: JennyBean_Love
Twitter: @JennyBean_Love
Instagram: JennyBean_Love
Or her official website:

Thanks for everyone who joined us and shared a booch with us!

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