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mastering the art of the kitchenette

So you're an adult with your first real job! Congratulations! Now what?! You've read some self-improvement books and done other forms of professional development, but what about the other parts of your work life? We spend most of our waking hours at work, but it feels like there aren't many resources on the day-to-day aspects of working (such as commuting, what to pack for lunch, how to make time for your social life, etc.) Whether you're starting your first job, moving your company into your first real office (goodbye coffee shops, hello office life), or you're trying to find ways to improve your work life, there's a good place to start: the kitchen(ette). We always find lunch inspo on Food52, as they invented the art of the "Not Sad Desk Lunch."​ ​ And Rachael's Good Eats​ continues to inspire us to make healthy lunch choices. But over the years, we've learned some tips and tricks for making office lunchtime (and snack time) easier, tastier, and more fun! At Clearly Kombucha, our office is always stocked with booch, the ultimate refresher (before coffee, after coffee, with lunch, after lunch, #EATSLEEPBOOCHREPEAT). But over the past few years, we feel that we've also mastered the art of making the most of the kitchenette. Whether you're bringing your lunch, getting delivery, or grabbing a sandwich nearby, it's important to always have condiments at the ready in case your meal needs some improvement. Check out the list below for our essential condiments!

  • Olive Oil-- We especially love the Other Brother Co. and if space is limited in your kitchenette, the "Shorty"​ can is the perfect size to store in a cabinet. Add some lemon, arugula, and sea salt and your side salad is complete.
  • Hot Sauce-- Some people at Clearly Kombucha (ahem...Ali) never think their food is spicy enough. It might be a plate of habanero peppers and still not be deemed spicy enough by our CEO. So we always keep the fridge stocked with an array of hot sauces. We like Dr. Stadnyk's​ small batch, unique hot sauce flavors. We typically have salsa and sriracha, too, because choices.
  • Flaky finishing salt-- Maldon, pink himalayan sea salt, whatever floats your boat. It feels fancy and improves pretty much everything.
  • Red pepper flakes-- did we mention that nothing is every spicy enough for the booch crew? Gotta keep red pepper flakes on hand at all times.

Another critical factor that improves office morale and cures a case of the midday hangries, are healthy snacks. Our favorites are:

  • Gimme Organic roasted seaweed snacks--both their chips and their seaweed are delish!
  • Barnana​ (Some people in our office have an addiction to these! We're anxiously awaiting a gallon size bag to be created.)
  • Bars-- we keep our favorite healthy bars stocked at all times, as they're the perfect size for a snack and are very portable to take to events or bring along for a commute. Our top picks are Nola Bar,Square Bar,Perfect Bar,​ and Kind​ bars.
  • Fruit-- a few of us have subscription to CSA boxes, and we like to keep seasonal fruit at the office. We've been loving grapefruit and blood oranges from Imperfect Produce​ this season.

Other Staples:

  • Coffee-- we're hooked on Grounds & Hounds​ at our office! No kitchen office is complete without a few pounds of coffee in the cabinet. You never know when the boss is going to show up to the office on no sleep, requesting a pot of coffee STAT!
  • Chocolate-- There are times when a square of dark chocolate is quite simply #crucial. We LOVE Alter Eco​ chocolates.
  • Water filter-- If your office doesn't have a water cooler, we recommend purchasing a filter for your tap to minimize impurities so you can hydrate worry-free. We love the PUR faucet mount filter,​ it literally takes one click to install it and the water tastes amazing.

What are your tips and tricks for healthy eating at work?

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