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feminist fight club book by jessica bennett
International Women’s Day: Feminist Fight Club

     In celebration of International Women's Day-- although really ever day should be International Women's Day-- we're sharing one of our favorite recent reads with you!

     "Feminist Fight Club" is a brilliantly written, laugh out loud book about sexism in modern society, and mostly in the workplace. (I know, who knew that this topic could be written about in a funny way?!) In this book, Jessica Bennet, the #badassbooch author, explains the whys and hows of sexism in the workplace and offers tangible tips and tricks for combatting these forces.

     We found this book especially informative, as Clearly Kombucha is a majority female-owned and operated business, so the ladies outnumber the gents in our place of work. But the insights Bennet offers are useful for any number of situations including, but not limited to: being interrupted by the dude behind you in line at a coffee shop who's trying to get his latte first, when you show up to a party and there are mostly guys and the one girl there gives you the cold shoulder, and/ or when ANYONE blames your mood or 'tude on your period-- seriously?!? 

Anyhow, the Rules of the FCC (Feminist Fight Club) are as follows:  

    Bennet includes the history of female empowerment organizations, a GRL PWR playlist featuring Bey, Robyn, TLC, among other goddesses, AND instructions on how to create your own FFC group!

     Want your very own copy of the Feminist Fight Club? Enter to WIN the book and a six-pack of booch on Clearly Kombucha's Instagram post!