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Clearly Kombucha Celebrates Rescue Dog Month!
If you follow Clearly Kombucha on Instagram or have spent time at our office, you might mistake our company as a doggie daycare! Our office culture is pure doggy heaven; all the snuggles, friends, and booch they could ever dream of. (Not to mention frequent UPS deliveries to protect their humans from). It should come as no surprise then, that we’re passionate not just about our own pups here at CK, but about all four-legged friends. October is known for it’s pumpkins and ghosts, but is also one of our favorite awareness months - Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than sharing the wonderful stories of three of our rescue booch pooches; Milly, Sookie, and Luke. Different sizes, breeds, and hairstyles, all winners.   Milly – also known as Mills, Miller, Millard, Milly Goat, Miller Light, Millicent. Our VP of Marketing, Rachel, was dedicated to finding a shelter dog when she decided to add a companion to her life. She spent many months going to different shelters across the Bay Area and meeting a lot of pups in need. Of course, it was the one she would have least expected that stole her heart. Milly (then known as Mishka) was rescued from a shelter where she had been on a kill list, and brought back to Pets in Need, a no-kill shelter in Redwood City, CA. Rachel had never pictured herself as a “Chihuahua type” and was hesitant at first, but Milly just lit up when she saw her. “Perfectly weird and scruffy” Milly stole her heart and the rest is history. Who knows how old she is, or where she’s from, but really.. who cares? She’s silly and sweet, and she and Rachel make the perfect partners in crime. img_1579   Sookie – also responds to Sooks, Sookles, Sookala, and Poodle. Sookie’s story is one that can sometimes be hard to fathom as it reveals both the darkness of our world and power of progress. Clearly Kombucha’s Social Media and Community Manager, Abby, has always been an animal lover, but even more so a dog lover. Having spent her college years volunteering at her local humane society it took all her strength not to adopt every dog in sight. Just a few months after moving to California, she caved and went to her local rescue and animal rehabilitation center, The Milo Foundation, with the intention of finding a senior or otherwise “difficult to adopt” pooch. Milo had recently taken in two mini poodles that we seized by Animal Control for negligent. They had been used in small scale breeding operation and abused their whole lives, leaving them diseased, traumatized, and completely unsocialized. Shakey and smelly, but oh so sweet, Sookie bonded with Abby immediately. It’s taken many months and hours with trainers, but Sookie has worked through many of her fears and never leaves Abby's side if she can help it. She is both very happy and very hyper. Her favorite flavor of Clearly Kombucha is Asian Pear. 10959962_10204207522973181_63715327324593256_o   11731685_10205207036200387_5921316197241143892_o   Luke – or Lucas or the sweetest pitbull around This little big guy’s story is not a conventional one, he was never at a shelter, but he was rescued none the less. Our sales manager, Rosie, is the definition of a dog person and has been a long-time advocate for pups. When a neighbor in need lost her house and resources, and could no longer care for sweet Luke, she thought first and only of Rosie. Rosie didn’t hesitate to bring Luke into her home, despite the fact that her building didn’t allow dogs. She hid Luke for over a year in her condo, sneaking him out for walks on the beach, and eventually moving to make sure they could stay together. His large size and sterotypes about pitbulls can make many people scared, but his loving and gentle care for the world around him shows the true nature of his breed. After three years of being shuffled around from owner to owner, he’s found the good life and a furever home with Rosie in LA. img_20151223_083350   img_20150723_170627   If you’re thinking of adding a dog to your family, be sure to visit your local shelter and consider adoption first. There are so many wonderful pups just waiting to meet you! Click HERE to find a shelter near you! Remember, you can always donate your time or money if you’re not in a place to adopt.