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Flair Friday
At Clearly Kombucha, we're all about fun. And matching flair vests with enamel pins and flair are the definition of fun. Let me elaborate. Abby, our Social Media Manager, and I often find ourselves in the rabbit hole of Instagram, discovering brands, trends, and everything cool. After many weeks of us ogling our style icons' flair vests, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We started a tradition, Flair Friday. As the name suggests, on Fridays, we flair. We acquired some matching light washed denim vests from Levi's and began decorating the heck out of them. Next thing we knew, we were knees deep in a box of thousands of custom enamel CK pins, which look wonderful on our vests, alongside our other favorite flair. If you're so inclined to join us in the pursuit of fabulous and want to participate in Flair Fridays, check out our favorite brands below and be sure to enter our giveaway! Favorite flair brands: Other brands we <3 that sell flair: If you're as into this as we are, and you want everyone at your office to jump on the Flair Friday bandwagon, we've got great news for you! Your office dogs can sport flair, as well. Milly the Mutt has her very own flair vest from Mijo & Bambi. And flair can even be found in the most unexpected of places! Airports! Gift shops! Flea markets! Thrift shops! Have fun and let us know about your favorite brands! And show us how you wear flair for the chance to win some CK flair!