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Introducing Clearly kombucha
Clearly Kombucha now available in Canada
Clearly Kombucha Botles CK Kombucha, but freaking awesome Crisp Great taste Never Vinegary No sediments Box CK
Oh Canada.

Following the announcement in June 2018 sharing Molson Coors’ acquisition of Clearly Kombucha, we’ve been working hard with our brewer to bring our hella good booch to more retail shelves in the United States, and most recently, to Western Canada.


That’s right, our very own San Francisco Bay Area booch has gone international. As of September 1st, our delicious Black Currant & Raspberry Ginger flavours can be found at all 37 Costco West locations (Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba) and we can’t wait for Canadians to enjoy our crisp, refreshing taste. Never vinegary, without sediments, and with 30-35 calories and 6-8g of carbs, we’re bringing you a kombucha that is clearly next level!


To the Canadians reading this announcement: Hello! We’re excited for you to try us knowing that we’re fully committed to the creation of the most authentic, delicious kombucha possible. Brewed in the traditional, ancient method but with our own twists, empowering you to enjoy the tastiest kombucha out there!

We know that some of you have tried other kombuchas (love them, stomach them, or vow to never again try them?), while others are curious but intimidated, while others haven’t thought much about the booch. We brew Clearly Kombucha to be “the kombucha for the rest of us”, offering those feel-good kombucha qualities but with a refreshing, smooth taste and a light-hearted spirit!


We’re excited to make your ‘healthier’ both tastier and smoother – so, head to Costco and give us a gulp. Oh, and you can get to know us a little better @clearlykombucha on Instagram (let’s be friends?)


About Clearly Kombucha: Founded in 2009 in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, Clearly Kombucha® is dedicated to creating products that make it tastier and easier for you to enter a healthier lifestyle and hence feel a little better about yourself. Clearly Kombucha is a brand that understands that being healthy shouldn’t be an imposition or a hassle, so it wants to offer that vivacious encouragement to get you going at your very best. Encompasses superior quality natural products, relaxed approach to life, embrace of the unconventional and witty awesomeness.


For more information, or to request an interview, please contact: Jessica Teixeira at Molson Coors Canada (416-433-4119 // Jessica.vieirateixeira@molsoncoors.com) or Maria Del Rio at Clearly Kombucha (303-927-2636 // maria.delrio@molsoncoors.com)

Clearly Kombucha, Crisp Great taste, Never Vinegary, No Sediments